Please recommend non-modded tank for sweet flavor juices?

I’m not interested in dripping. Don’t have the patience xD I currently have and MVP 20W with an Aspire Nautilus. I like the sweet vapes mostly like fruits, candy=ies and desserts. I notice that the sweeter the juice, the less the BVC coil lasts. 1.6 or 1.8, doesn’t matter, at most i can get a coil to last 4 days. At the least, less than 1. I go through about 3-4 ml a day and I’m currently on 9-12 mg nic, depending on what juice company its from.

I’m getting sick of picking up a pack of $20 coils every few days. I got off the cigarettes mostly for the price, although i stay off it now because cigs are bleh 😛 but I’m now paying the same price a week i was paying for cigs. sorry for the long message I’m just about ready to throw this tank at the wall. There’s not a day that goes by that I’m not getting a dry hit here and there.

Someone recommend me some good tanks that can handle sweet juices please


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