Tronic Vape Launches First Nicotine Field Test Kit

animated-logo-smoke-wbgShilo Platts, sales team lead for Tronic Vape and the press secretary for SFATA’s Utah chapter, has shared this press release with Agent VAPE: 

Tronic Vape, a Utah-based wholesale manufacturing company, has engineered andlaunched a revolutionary nicotine field test kit. Retailers and police departments alike now will have access to a test kit that will objectively identify the presence—or absence—of nicotine in e-liquid bottles.

Practical and simple to use, the test kit includes a vial of Tronic Vape’s proprietary test solution and easy to replicate instructions on a small card. Also provided on the card is an illustrated color guide to distinguish between positive or negative test results.

Nathan Coccimiglio—CEO of Tronic Vape and Utah Chapter Co-President of SFATA—and Brian deBotelho—Utah Chapter Co-President of SFATA and himself a member of law enforcement—are transparent about the objective and their intentions behind developing the field test kit, which will be made available through SFATA. After meeting with the Salt Lake County District Attorney’s office to showcase the product, Nathan Coccimiglio echoed their concerns for keeping nicotine out of the hands ofminors with this in mind as a solution, “Our aim has always been to restrict vaping to adults of legal age,” Coccimiglio said. “We now have an inexpensive and effective way to assist police officers in detecting nicotine in the possession of a minor.”

Tronic Vape already has committed to donating test kits to the Salt Lake County Unified Police Department, and its goal is to make nicotine test kits a new industry standard.


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