A Brief Look Inside the Philippines


Words and photos by Michael Callis

The Philippines has a very broad culture in the vaping world; however, there are barely any laws governing the use and manufacturing of electronic cigarettes. The community has a lot of organized events to allow people of the vaping world to meet up and socialize. There are also many custom electronic cigarette products that are manufactured in the Philippines.

The Philippines does not have any major laws governed against electronic cigarettes. The reason why the Philippine government does not impose strict laws is because it sees it as an art compared to the rest of the world, which is why there is no regulation on usage and manufacturing. Back in 2013, the government tried to ban the usage and manufacturing of electronic cigarettes. The only known law today is that the public must use electronic cigarettes in designated smoking area.

The Philippine community, who is fond of the laws here, often puts together vape meets within their home towns. An annual event called Vapecon takes place in Manila, where vapers from all around the country gather for numerous festivities. Once inside of the designated building, vapers are free to use their personal vaporizers, shop at vendor booths and enjoy live bands and contests.

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During Vapecon, many modders from around the country come together to sell their custom made products to the general public, like e juice, mods, atomizers and different accessories. Pictured below is an example of a few products sold, like The Nookie by Vape Breed, The Black Osmium copper edition by Paradigm Mods, and E juices from Cloud Chaser and Pastry Vapors. These products are usually premium priced.

Although there are many electronic cigarettes sold in the Philippines, they are treated as artwork. Many cloned electronic cigarettes have surfaced, causing a lot of confusion. When it comes to analytics, 78 percent of the cloned electronic cigarette products on the world market come from the Philippines, which is why the use of clones is looked down upon. Though clones are still widely available for a fraction of the cost of authentic products, Philippine modders still are engaged in a tight battle to end the copying of their artwork.

The Philippines has hundreds, if not thousands, of vape shops nationwide. Some of them are private shops stationed inside private residences, such as “JAF28,” and a vast majority are brick and mortar stores and vape lounges.

Although the vaping culture is a lot different in the Philippines, this “Modder Nation” will always hold its top spot when it comes to specially handcrafted electronic cigarettes. Michael Callis is an American citizen living in the Philippines. He is an avid vaper who is making a name for himself in the Philippines as a vape reviewer.

The Philippines has hundreds, If not thousands, of vape shops nationwide.

This “Modder Nation” will always hold its top spot when it comes to specially handcrafted electronic cigarettes.


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