Oscar Award Winning Director James Cameron Involved in E-Cig Lawsuit

Photo by TMZ.com

Photo by TMZ.com

James Cameron, the director who brought us Titanic and Avatar, is involved in a lawsuit allegedly because of his brother John.

According to TMZ.com, the lawsuit is for $1 billion over an e-cigarette company called Safe Cig. John allegedly mismanaged the company and James is somehow involved.

TMZ reports, “The three founders of a company called Safe Cig claim they were sold a bill of goods by John David Cameron, James’ brother, when he came to work for the company in 2011. Instead of opening doors with ‘the Cameron name,’ the Safe Cig founders claim Cameron wasted millions of dollars on trips, booze, unneeded employees and bulletproof glass for his office … eventually running the company into the ground … the founders claim in their suit John tried to wrestle away controlling interest in the business by intentionally defaulting on a loan the company received from none other than James. The suit claims the two brothers were up to no good.”

Cameron’s rep has not yet replied to TMZ’s request for comment.

For the full story, visit https://www.tmz.com/2015/09/09/james-cameron-brother-e-cigarette-lawsuit-conspiracy/.


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