Totally Wicked Shares Latest Blog Regarding Tobacco Sale Trends

logoTotally Wicked, one of the U.K.’s larget e-liquid companies and advocates for the industry, has shared with Agent VAPE its latest blog. Below is the blog in its entirety. To read all of Totally Wicked’s blogs, visit

“Convenience stores are reporting a growth in tobacco sales.

Typically tobacco cigarettes make up around 35% of stores sales, and they are still a very important part of the business model, despite tobacco sales predicted to fall by 3-4% per year.

But it seems falling sales are no longer the case. 2014 saw a reversal in the decline and a growth of 0.1%. The first quarter of this year saw a growth of 0.5% and by June of this year the sales figures for tobacco were up by 2%.

So what’s going on?

Several theories have been posited about why there is this change in trend, it could be due to gas prices going down, so there’s more money floating around and smokers are upping their cigarette consumption. It might be that finally we have reached the hard-core of smokers that will never stop, (but that doesn’t explain the rise). It might be down to the weather – bad weather had people bulk buying their cigarettes, or – more related to us vapers, it could be people losing interest in e cigarettes.

The losing interests theory comes from a magazine, not from us.

I’m going to suggest an alternative wording to losing interest – losing confidence.

In the UK, smoking cessation groups and even the UK government are gradually encouraging the use of e-cigarettes. One county in the UK has attributed a fall in smokers from 100’000 down to 78’000 in one year due to smokers switching to e-cigarettes.

Yet here in the USA cigarette sales are increasing.

You don’t have to go far to find out the source of such ‘loss of interest’. Simply scan your news feed and you’ll find that e-cigarettes are not only the devil incarnate, but are now apparently being used by teens to smoke pot.

Put aside the fact that teen rates of e-cigarettes are not going through the roof, and that the latest ‘evidence’ of teen use of e-cigarettes leading to smoking was based on just 16 teenagers – yes, only 16 – the scare stories about e-cigarettes come thick and fast. If you don’t have the time or inclination to research e-cigarettes for yourself, it is not surprising that many are losing confidence in them.

Are they good, bad or ugly? You certainly won’t get a straight answer from the press.

Add that to that the increasing trend of States treating e-cigarettes the same as tobacco – why not go back to the devil you know? As a smoker you know the rules, you know what’s expected of you – you know the possible types of death that await you, and you know that you are doing more than your fair share of propping up the economy. You are confident in your role.

You may be less confident in your role as a vaper.

It would appear that certain sections of society here in the USA are hell bent on increasing tobacco sales – California Health Department are a prime example by their use of scare tactics and misinformation regarding electronic cigarettes.

But don’t be confused – Tobacco Control it appears is not all about your health . If it was they would be calling for blanket bans on smoking anywhere, period. They would be calling for a complete and total  ban on the sale of tobacco anywhere.  Instead, they tinker around the edges.

Elements here in the USA appear to be working very hard to halt the sales of a product that is 95% less harmful than the one they say they want you to stop. This is for a myriad of reasons; one of which may be because they are no longer in control. See the news item about ‘hysteria’.

We would suggest that you do the research, you become informed, take back your power, don’t be a puppet of the media or those that should know better, and you become confident in your role as vaper so you don’t become a tobacco statistic once more.

Perhaps it is Tobacco Control that really prefers the Devil they know than the e-cigarettes they don’t, or Governments that prefers the revenue they know rather than the revenue they are missing?”


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