SFATA CEO to Host Monday Member Call

Photo by ImproofMovement.com

Photo by ImproofMovement.com

SFATA’s October newsletter expressed concern about anti-vapor regulations going into effect, especially in Texas and Massachusetts. SFATA’s president and CEO, Phil Daman, Esq., has been in contact with the Attorney General’s office to discuss possible changes to regulations that restrict access to vapor products and businesses’ ability to sell to adult consumers.

Daman is hosting a call at noon EST Monday, Oct. 5, to discuss the matter with members.
Texas, which has faced many regulations that could have cripped its industry, fought back with help of SFATA’s Texas chapter. The rules that did pass went into effect Oct. 1, but according to SFATA’s newsletter, implementation practically is muddy.
“Online sales with age-verification and age-verified shipping continue to be points of conversation between industry leaders and the Texas Comptroller’s office. Under the new rules, vapor shops in Texas are now required to prevent direct access by consumers to products in the store, post new warnings about the risks of smoking, and employees must be trained in age verification to prevent minors from making purchases or sampling,” the newsletter states.Massachusetts’ new vapor regulations went into effect on Sept. 25. In addition to mandating a minimum purchasing age of 18 and child-resistant caps, the new rules also prohibit sampling, promotional giveaways, and other free distribution. Requirements for online sales with age verification and sales in vending machines are also addressed in the final rules.To attend the call, contact Daman at pdaman@sfata.org.


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