I ❤ Donuts 0 mg


So, I’m kind of a doughnut connoisseur. Or at least I think I am. And I had heard lots of awesome things about this company and was really excited when I got the package in the mail. Upon my initial taste testing (before I knew which company I was trying) I was less than pleased with the flavor, and now that I know which e-liquid it is, I’m super bummed. It’s supposed to be a blueberry doughnut, which is one of my favorite things. But, the flavor is lacking. It’s just too weak. If the blueberry was a little more flavorful, this would have been awesome. I had the blueberry taste in my mouth after the hit, but nothing during the hit. It needs some umph. The clouds were super thick, and that was an added bonus. The throat hit was smooth, but it’s lacking in the flavor department.

Unbroken ‘Aurora’ 4 mg


So, this is one of those flavors that upon first hit, I had no idea what all was combined to make it, but I really liked it. It’s a sweet pear and apple flavor with caramel undertones. It’s such a different blend with lots of dimension, and I really enjoyed it. It’s definitely not your run of the mill flavor. It’s super unique and tastes nothing like anything I’ve tried before. Each hit I could taste something a little different, and I really like that. This is also another one of those flavors that I have a hard time putting into words because it’s difficult to describe, but not in a bad way. Just try it for yourself. The vape production was about average and the throat hit was a little on the light side for my liking, but all in all it’s a good vape. I’m not so keen on the 4 mg nic strength, only because it’s different and I know what I typically vape and then companies come in and try and be different and unique and make up numbers that most juice companies don’t sell. But hey, that’s just my opinion. Maybe it fits with this e-liquid though and its unique flavor.

Pearl ‘Bakehouse’ 3 mg


When I vaped Pearl’s Bakehouse initially, I wasn’t exactly sure what I was tasting or what I should be tasting. It’s kind of spicy, but not in the overly nicotine spicy, but the flavor was spicy. So to the Internet I went. It’s supposed to be a peanut butter flavor. I could taste it in the aftertaste, but the initial hit did not taste like peanut butter at all. The flavor was indiscernible. It’s never a good thing when I have to look up what it is that I’m supposed to taste. The throat hit was excellent though; it was a good strong, in-your-throat feeling that I really enjoyed, and the vapor production was about average. But, the taste just wasn’t enough to give it anything over a 1.

Prestige ‘Independence’ 3 mg


I was really not impressed with Prestige’s Independence flavor at all. It didn’t taste good; it didn’t have any throat hit and barely had any vapor production at all. It’s a berry, fruity flavor, but it totally missed the mark. The aftertaste is not good at all, which is about the same as the initial hit. It just was not something I’d ever vape again. I’m not sure how they could reformulate the product and make it better, but something needs to be done.

Blue Ostrich ‘Vanilla Custard’ 3 mg


I was really excited to try Blue Ostrich’s Vanilla Custard. They produce their e-liquid in my hometown, and I’ve never tried their products before. My initial taste test was that it was missing something. It’s a very typical vanilla custard flavor. I think that it could use another dimension. It’s got a good aftertaste and it’s a good vape, but nothing that makes me say ‘Wow, thats different.’ I’ve tried tons of vanilla flavors, and this is about the same. It needs a kick or something to bring it above the rest. It boasts a good, solid throat hit that I enjoyed, and my clouds were about average.

The Juice Judge

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Steffanie Atkins is the self-proclaimed most pickiest vaper she knows. She has to be head over heels in love with a juice before she vapes it regularly. A baker and a foodie, Atkins is particular when it comes to taste and flavor. She loves long walks on the beach, candlelit dinners, tattoos, art and rocking her face off at concerts. She is forever on the search for the perfect Oreo flavor



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