Reminder: SFATA Membership Status Updates Due Oct. 23

SFATA_2015The Smoke-Free Alternatives Trade Association is proud to represent businesses across the supply chain. SFATA works every day, representing businesses dedicated to offering a safer alternative to combusted cigarettes.

The organization has grown rapidly since its founding in 2012, beginning with three companies to now having nearly 600 members. As it has grown, the industry has also experienced rapid change.

“As we look toward the future, it is now time to elect a new Board of Directors for SFATA,” SFATA President Cynthia Cabrera wrote on the SFATA site.

The election will take place using an online ballot over the second week of November, but before members vote, there are three pieces of business we must address:

1. On Friday, Oct. 9, all SFATA members received an email confirming membership status. While many members are up-to-date on their dues, a few have lapsed. The email sent on Friday, Oct. 9 was confirming that memberships are up-to-date or giving instructions on how to bring membership up-to-date. All memberships must be current on Friday, Oct. 23 in order to vote in the board election. If you have any questions about membership status or did not receive the email on Friday, Oct. 9, please visit

2. To oversee the election and nominations process, the Board of Directors will create a committee and are looking for volunteers. If you are interested in joining the Election Committee of SFATA, please click here and provide as much information as you can.

3. Do you think you would add expertise and insight to SFATA’s work to create an open, appropriately regulated vapor industry? Are you interested in being a member of the Board of Directors? Do you know a SFATA member who would be a good fit for our board? The nomination form for the SFATA board can be found at All nominations are due by Friday, Oct. 23.

If you have any questions about the election, please send those to or call 202.251.1661.


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