VAPE VIXEN Katelyn Powell



Photos by Destiny Richard

My name is Katelyn Powell, and I am from Roanoke, Va. I started vaping almost two years ago, when the first real vape shop came along in my area. Vaping was not very popular in Roanoke yet.

I eventually started working at Southern Vape Escape, and that’s when the vaping adventure began. I started off with a simple starter kit with a 650 mAh battery and then upgraded to a Vision Spinner and Aerotank Mega. I thought I had such a great setup, until the IPV 3 and Atlantis tank came out. I am still to this day very impressed with it, and it has yet to disappoint me. It gives out such a great flavor and a crazy cloud. I am a huge fan of vaping our wild strawberry; it has the best ripe strawberry flavor.

Enough about me, let ’s talk about customers and the company. After we opened, we noticed competition started popping up everywhere between tobacco shops selling vapes and juice for super cheap, to more local vape shops. Luckily, we have opened four stores since we have came along. People come in every day with the want to quit smoking, and every day someone leaves with the setup of their wants/needs with the desire to quit smoking. I love when we get regulars, and they just keep coming back telling us their progress and they are so happy and healthy; it’s moments like that when I could not be more happy with my job. I will hear people talk about how bad vaping is, but I always have the facts to back it up and change their opinion on it.

Our vape shop has progressed tremendously in the past two years, and I could not be more impressed with the company as a whole; we have came a long way. I look forward to helping more people quit smoking or to help them with their rebuilds. I can’t wait to see what the vape future has in store for Southern Vape Escape.



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