CSP-RBC Capital Markets Survey Reports Vaping May be on Decline

cspnetCSPNet.com reports that the results are in on its quarterly CSP-RBC Capital markets tobacco survey, and retailers stated that not only is the “fad” disappearing, but there is no established leader in the market. While cigalikes are struggling over the open-system market, CSPNet said that “with more than two-thirds of respondents carrying open-systems, most say vaping too is struggling.”

The survey concluded that only 10 percent of respondents said that vaping was booming, with 40 percent said it was slowing down. An astounding 50 percent said it never got started. Nik Modi, tobacco analyst at RBC Capital Markets, told CSPNet: “While there might be more vape and longer lasting batteries, the product fails to deliver the nicotine satiety that consumers find in cigarettes. Until the e-cig/vape industry can find a way to make nicotine absorption equal to that of a traditional cigarette, the category is unlikely to be as disruptive as once thought.”

Those who did have positive reviews in the survey included Logic and Vuse.

For the full story, visit http://www.cspnet.com/category-news/tobacco/articles/what-s-wrong-cigalikes-vapor.


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