Connecticut Passes Law Regulating Electronic Nicotine Delivery Systems, Vapor Products

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Electronic cigarettes and various vapor products now are restricted within the state of Connecticut, including in various venues and places of employment.

According to, vapor products and electronic cigarettes now are prohibited in:

  1. buildings owned or leased and operated by the state or its political subdivisions
  2. health care institutions
  3. retail food stores
  4. restaurants
  5. places that serve alcohol under specified permits
  6. school buildings during school or student activities
  7. specified child care facilities
  8. passenger elevators
  9. dormitories at public or private higher education institutions
  10. dog race tracks or facilities equipped with screens for simulcasting off-track betting racing programs or jai alai games

The new law requires employers to post a sign saying that products are prohibited, but employers are encouraged to see if they are subject to the new law. Those who do not comply with the law either by vaping, failing to post required sings or who removes the signs without authorization face a maxiumum fine of $90.

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