Let’s Ask GrimmGreen


By Nick Green Photo by Metal Jeff

Trying to find the best flavors of e-juice. Right now favorites are Cuttwood Sugar Bear and Space Rocks. Any suggestions from anyone that likes these two flavors that are a must have/try?


– Wayne Downs

Hey Wayne! The funny thing about vaping is the juices one person LOVES are the juices that another person HATES. Taste is so incredibly subjective that I have a difficult time recommending juice for people. What I would suggest doing is finding a local vape shop and trying out some of the juices they have. I wander into some of my local shops from time to time just to taste, and chances are I’ll end up walking out with something I’m very happy with. Additionally, I always challenge my pallet. I’m usually a sweet/bakery kind of guy. I love to try juices that I would generally stay away from. You never know what you may fall in love with.


– Grimm

I’m trying so hard to vape—50/50. Lowest power I can have, 2 w, still makes me cough like smoke going down the wrong way. Will keep at it as want to quit, but I so need advice.

– Richard Muzza Aitken

Hey Richard. There could be a lot of reasons why you are coughing. Without knowing exactly what setup (atomizer, juice, mod) combo you are using. I’ll tell you about the things that make me cough when I’m vaping. No. 1 is higher nicotine levels. Nicotine, when inhaled, gives you a tight clenching feeling in your throat and chest. The higher the nicotine level of your juice, the more intense that tightening feeling will be.

No. 2 would be airflow. Sometimes if the airflow is too tight, or on an RDA (rebuildable atomizer) not aligned properly with the coils, it can cause an intense tickle sensation in your throat as well. Oftentimes when the airflow is tight or not aligned properly it causes a thin, but warm stream of vapor, which will always cause me to cough.

Lastly is flavoring. There are some flavors out there that I just don’t get along with. Some citrus flavors will cause me to cough, as well as some stronger berry flavors. It could be one of these, or a combination of a few of these. One last thing is PG. PG is great in juice and carries the flavor well, but can also cause a strong throat sensation. Trying a higher VG juice might help out quite a bit.

Hope that helps out.

– Grimm



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