VAPE VIXEN: Danielle Schrudder


Photos by Nick Percell @nickpercell

Danielle Schrudder @danielleschrudder

Ravens Moon Vapor box mod and Arctic tank

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Danielle Schrudder is a 28 year old vaper/model/musician from Las Vegas, Nev. Born and raised in the city of sin, Danielle quickly discovered her musical talents and eventually joined up with the touring band Eyes Like Diamonds, where she played keys and vocals for many years. Danielle was named in the “Top 25 Hottest Girls in Metal” by Revolver Magazine and continued to further her modeling and musical career until eventually launching her own electronic/pop solo project where she is simply known as Vyla Vice. She continually is working on music in her spare time from Puff Vapors, where she has quickly become an imperative part of the distribution and wholesale department.

Growing up in Las Vegas and touring the country in a band, Danielle had found cigarettes from a young age and like most, struggled with the habit for many years. With the seemingly impossible task of quitting smoking after nearly 10 years with the habit, A friend had recommended she try vaping. Only two shops were open locally at the time, yet she decided to make the decision to quit smoking and begin living a healthier lifestyle. After the first vape on her new eGo setup, she was convinced that vaping was the one thing that was finally going to allow her to quit smoking after so many failed attempts.

Danielle now has been vaping for more than years, and she never looked back to cigarettes. Seeing first hand the importance and satisfaction that vaping had brought her, she became an advocate for the vaping industry and turning everyone she knew onto it. In 2013 Danielle became an official part of the vaping community after being hired at Puff Vapors in Las Vegas. Puff Vapors was her home away from home, quickly becoming friends with the employees and establishing Puff Vapors as “her vape shop” it was only a matter of time before they offered her a full-time position with the company. After two years with Puff and working her way up the ranks, she now is involved in all manufacturing, distribution and wholesale of the Puff Vapors line of e-liquid. As she frequents cloud comps, various shops, vape modeling and practicing her vape tricks, she couldn’t be more happy and proud with what the vape community has become and what it is doing for people around the world struggling with quitting smoking. She not only has vaping to thank for getting her off the analogs, but for allowing her to build a career and help others the way vaping helped her.

story continues below…



…continued from above

With a growing collection of vapes, mods, tanks and RDAs, she currently is using a Herakles tank sitting atop her abalone inlayed box mod by Ravens Moon Vapor. Whether she is using her favorite RDA or her tanks, you can guarantee that she has a large bottle of Cinnamon Toast Crunch by Puff Vapors within arm’s reach. A few of her other all-day vapes include Baja Blast, Bombsicle and Yabba Dabba Doo from Puff Vapors.

Danielle continues to grow and advance herself within the vaping community every day. Becoming involved in events like Vape Summit and ECC, Danielle feels she has found a real passion, friends and career from the vaping community and would like to say thank you to everyone involved, everyone at Puff Vapors and everyone who continues in the fight to help others quit smoking and start vaping.


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