Vaping From the Outside – 15 Kinds of Vapers You May Meet


By Susan Oser

I decided that, since it is the holiday season, I’d do something a bit on the lighter side. Based on my own observations and experiences, I created the following list of vaping personalities that make up our community. If you merely just chuckle a little, then more than likely you totally understand and get it. If you get offended, well, there’s not much I can do for you there … but perhaps maybe I ended up saying what your friends and colleagues might be thinking but may not have the heart to say.

1. The ADOS Buyer – This is the person who, every time he or she sees a new shiny, can’t help but stop and stare at the equipment in shops or spend hours online trying to find the best deals. These usually are the shop owners or reviewers who have to BETA test everything and want to keep at least one of the new pieces for themselves. Yet, when that next new Aspire comes along, you see …

2. The vaper with buyer’s remorse – I can’t count the number of times I’ve come across this one. A vaper buys something at a shop and doesn’t feel happy with it. He or she got the right information and paid good money for it, but there is something about that mod or tank that just doesn’t feel right. It’s as if these were the people that went out on a great dinner date, had great food, but felt like the food they had while good, was just not good enough. Or the service was just not up to standard. These people might do one of two things: PIF to a fellow vaper, or put it somewhere in the corner and let it collect dust.

3. The vaper who complains about having no money, when they spend too much of it on vaping products and not on essentials – Being on a budget is understandable, but if you’re on a budget, that is COMPLETELY understood, but aren’t you forgetting your priorities a bit when you decide to buy that nifty new shiny thing on the market? I think this is one of those cases where it’s a matter of changing your priorities a bit. Pay for what you need, and save the rest for the vape gear you always wanted.

4. The “Vape Famous” – I don’t want to name names to create controversy, but we all know who these people are. They’re the ones that have one million people in their shows or subscribed to their YouTube channel. Granted, I hate the term “vape famous”

5. The vaper who doesn’t care about advocacy – For advocates, this is the most frustrating person to deal with. They’re the ones that choose to tune it out because they just don’t want to hear it—until it’s too late. A lot of people want to make the money, dream the dream and live their lives; as long as an issue doesn’t affect them, they don’t care.

6. The juice connoisseur – I would definitely put myself in this category. I don’t like to stick to one kind of juice unless it really grabs me. I’ve also noticed that the longer I vape, the more picky I become. I find D.I.Y. shows and juice vendor shows interesting and fascinating, and that’s why I like to interview e-liquid vendors, because not only do I like to share their stories, I also like their products.

7. The mod collector – To me, anyone who becomes some kind of “collector” is a hobbyist. Granted, there’s nothing wrong with a collection. I just wish I had the money to buy these beautiful mods.

8. The charity vaper – This is the dying animal of the community. This person will go out of his or her way to help a vaper in need. The charity vaper is not afraid to raise money for causes he or she feels passionate about.

9. The teacher/mentor – I love these kinds of vapers because they’re the veterans in the group. Unfortunately, they don’t get the respect they deserve. These people are not afraid to answer your questions and give an honest opinion on what’s good and bad in the market. Though chatting with them online is one thing, it’s even more rewarding to meet them in person.

10. The world meet traveler – I wish I were able to travel to all the vape meets and conventions I want to attend, like this kind of vaper does. I wonder how some people are able to attend multiple meets (if not all of them).

11. The tinkerer – If you’re an engineer or techie type, you belong in this category. You’re the one who plays with your tanks and mods to create better cloud and vapor production. Unfortunately, I’m not this type of person, because I just want a good tank and mod that work; I want the basics.

12. The vaper who likes drama because it gives them attention, money, fame — you get the idea – This one is kind of frowned upon, but they exist. We get it that you want to stand out from the crowd, but you don’t have to do it by bashing someone else for what they did or did not do. For those of you who don’t believe me, check out some of the Facebook groups that go crazy when news pops up of a juice

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company not being totally honest, misunderstanding of hosts’ personalities, etc. It’s one of the reasons why I’m super picky about the groups I belong to and the vaping shows I watch.

13. The dirty vaper – This is the one who gets the pitchforks and torches out in the community these days, especially with several companies who have been outed for their dirty practices and how they mix their juices. We all have to use common sense when it comes to e-liquid making and being responsible. We also need to own up to it.

14. The drunken vaper – This is the fun one you see at the vape meets. Let’s face it, that’s the best part of the vape meet themselves: party time. Trust me, vapers definitely play hard.

15. The vaper you’re friends with because you formed a bond! – It’s better to have friends in this community than enemies, because these friends become your support and your lifeline, and will have your back when you need it most. I’m grateful for the connections I’ve created in this community as an online vaping host and as a writer for this magazine. To me, when someone says that I’ve done a good show, wants some advice, or just needs a good laugh and says thank you, I know that all of this has been worth it.

I’d like to hear from you. Did I miss any standout vaping personalities? Do you agree with any of my insights? Let me know at

Susan E. Oser aka Angelwriterspeaks is a host on Monday nights on Vapenet ( She is an online tutor, a part time freelance writer and a passionate activist for vaping rights. Find her at, and You can buy her knitted accessories (esp for you the vaper) at Contact her directly at


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