Vape Expo Poland Adds Exhibitors, Sponsors


Apothecar•E Distribution, has been added as presenting sponsor of Vape Expo Poland, coming up in March.

Local Vape, is now a diamond sponsors. Local Vape is a wholesaler of the e-cigarettes, vaporizers, e-liquids and accessories from the United States.

Vampire Vape is a new exhibitor, established in 2012, along with Mad Alchemist. Mad Alchemist’s e-liquids are 100 percent made in the United States and/or naturally extracted in its lab, using secret techniques that involve no alcohol. All of Mad Alchemist’s PG and VG is lab grade and certified kosher, and its nicotine is 100 percent organic and lab grade. Glass bottles and labels also are U.S. sourced.

WÜD, another new exhibitor, was in development for a little more than six months in Los Angeles. The company tested multiple wood types, stains, finishes and lasers before the final product reached what you have today in your hand. WÜD’s driving goal was to offer consumers the ability to convert their current box mods into a real wood box mod for a fraction of the cost.

Also exhibiting is vpark.

To become an exhibitor, click here.


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