Webinar Today: How NOT to Get Locked Out of Europe

Photo by scienceblog.cancerresearchuk.org

Photo by scienceblog.cancerresearchuk.org

Learn How to Comply with the EU TPD and Continue Selling E-Liquids in Europe in this FREE Webinar

Tues., Jan. 26, 10 a.m. PST (1 p.m. EST)

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EU TPD. Every e-liquid manufacturer selling in Europe must know what these initials stand for, because they’re coming much faster than the FDA.

May 20 is the deadline for complying with the European Tobacco Products Directive (EU TPD).

EVERY flavor in EVERY nicotine level must be registered by May 20 or sales will be banned.

This webinar will explain the hallmarks of the EU TPD and what e-liquid companies must do to register and continue selling products in Europe.

What You’ll Hear in This Webinar:

  • Highlights of the EU TPD and how e-liquid companies will be affected
  • What’s in a typical technical file* and what must be included
  • TPD filing fees and what to budget

*Warning: a technical file may take several weeks to prepare and is best handled by regulatory and quality professionals. Hiring an attorney is not necessary.

Webinar Instructors:

This webinar will be taught by two regulatory experts with Chemular, a consulting firm based in Michigan. Chemular has the largest team of regulatory and compliance, manufacturing, software and engineering experts in the vaping industry in the U.S.

Dennis Moore has extensive experience helping companies comply with directives from the FDA, EUTPD and other regulatory agencies. A former FDA investigator, Moore is also expert in the quality standards set by the EUTPD and the International Standards Organization (ISO).

Robert Burton was head of global corporate and regulatory affairs for White Cloud. He also headed up public health and scientific affairs for British American Tobacco. Burton has spent over 20 years overseas in key scientific and leadership roles for pharmaceutical companies, including AstraZeneca and SmithKline Beecham.

How to Register:

Thanks to our sponsors, this webinar is FREE and open to anyone who pre-registers. The webinar will be recorded and available for replay.

To claim your spot, register here.

Please forward this email to your colleagues and help spread the word on this important webinar.

Sponsored by Nicobrand REACH-approved liquid nicotine, and Alternative Ingredients, Inc., offering e-flavor concentrates for the e-liquid industry.


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