Spark Industries, Fontem Ventures Sign Global License Agreement

Spark ind


Spark Industries, LLC, makers of Cig2o e-cigarettes and Vapage vapor products, has signed a Global Licensing Agreement for the use of vapor technology related patents controlled by Fontem in the United States and internationally.

Spark is one of a few, U.S.-based companies to have executed this Global Licensing Agreement with Fontem Ventures.

“Spark wanted across the board access to the patented, covered technology, as a benefit to its constituent customers—distributors, wholesalers, retailers and consumers,” Spencer Thompson, president of Spark Industries/Spark Vapor Brands, said in a statement sent to Agent VAPE.

Founded in 2002, Spark Industries is an e-vapor technology research and design company located in Camarillo, Calif. Since 2008, Spark Industries has been an innovator in technology for electronic cigarettes, cartomizer refills, personal vaporizers and premium e-liquids. Spark’s core focus is delivering unique features, distinctive brand development, and leading edge response to e-vapor trends in smoothness, taste and technology. The company distributes several nationally recognized brands including, Cig2o and Vapage brands of e-vapor hardware and also blends and bottles in the United States, Vapage, Blind Lion and Vapage Private Reserve brands of premium e-liquids. All Spark products are designed in the United States. Spark also maintains a management presence in China where product development and production is coordinated with U. S.-based design and packaging.

Contact Spark Industries at (800) 280-8088, or online at


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