Words and photos by Matt Schramel

Down on the bayou, in the Big Easy. VPX and ECC hosted a vape trade show and party in one of my favorite cities, New Orleans! The show was held at the Ernest N. Morial Convention Center, a sprawling, world class venue, just a few blocks from the great food and music of the French Quarter on Nov. 6-8. It was a solid turnout for both attending vendors and foot traffic. A big hit was the sold out after party, hosted by and featuring hip hop performances by Murphy Lee and Kyjuan of the St. Lunatics.

If you missed this event, I would suggest making it next year. Where else can vapers enjoy food and fun, while networking with other vapers and businesses in a world class city, venue and show? In the meantime, enjoy these photo highlights from VPX Nola!

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ABOVE: Joe Barnett, Vaping Militia director, introduced the Louisiana Association of E-Cigarette Retailers (LAECR), Chris Flowers, Ly Nguyen, Heather Hutton and Chad Rogers. Louisiana is one of the most regulated and taxed states for vapor.

LEFT: Cynthia Cabrera, SFATA president. Cabrera pleads with vapers to work together before it is too late. She explains that without cooperation, the industry will be regulated for us. She also encouraged the vaping community to think before evangelizing vape to the general public, “Will this help our cause?” According to Cabrera, vapor products may be regulated as tobacco products, and there is a possibility that each device, each e-liquid flavor and nicotine level will be required to register product at a cost of more than two million dollars per SKU, which will essentially “wipe us out.” Learn more at http://www.sfata.org and consider becoming a member today.

RIGHT: Gregory Conley, American Vaping Association president. Conley had a more dire prediction, explaining that each vapor product could cost up to “six to seven million dollars.” Conley goes on to say that it would be a “defacto ban on e-liquid in six months.” Conley urges support of H.R. 2058. This act moves up the 2007 date to the date of the announced upcoming deeming regulations. This would permit products that have been sold after 2007. This is important because 99 percent of the innovation occurred after 2007. If this act does not pass, it will wipe out eight years of vaping products and only legacy cigalikes will be permitted to be sold.


TOP LEFT: Congratulations to Ashley King, who donated to the #VAPEMagazine, @VPXshow and @ECC_EXPO holiday food drive with Second Harvest Food Bank. She received a basket full of high-end devices, e-liquid and swag. Because of your cash and food donations, we were able to provide more than 600 meals to hungry families in Southern Louisiana over the holidays. We would also like to thank the companies that gave atomizers, mods, e-juice and accessories to the gift basket:

Walking Vaped

Cloud Punkz




Vape Ya Tailfeather

Demonic Vapes

Backwoods Vapor

Premeier eliquids

Trinity Glass Tanks

Group ISO


SBS Modz

Vaporuzed Inc

Diamond Vapor

South Tradition E-liquid

FFDA eliquid



Cake E-liquid

Climax Cotton

Switch Mods

Cool Breeze Vapor

VAPE Magazine

Murphy Lee and Kyjuan of the St. Lunatics, along with Vape Ya Tailfeather, donated to the food drive and donation basket.



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