SFATA Shares Expert Session Videos From TPE

support_smoke-free-alternative-trade-sfata11This week, SFATA shared its videos from its Expert Sessions at TPE 2016 in Las Vegas. The event featured four experts speaking on issues critical to the industry right now and was free and open to the public.

SFATA members can now purchase videos of the event and watch them on the SFATA website.

Todd Harrison, Esq. started the event with an in-depth examination of the future of e-liquids without nicotine, the regulations they may face and how businesses should and shouldn’t market them. Harrison focuses on regulatory law for Venable, LLC, SFATA’s regulatory lawyers.

The history of Diacetyl lawsuits and how they could affect vapor businesses was covered by David E. Kawala, Esq., of Swanson, Martin & Bell, LLP, Chicago, IL. Kawala was involved with original Diacetyl lawsuits in the early days of the NIOSH investigation.

Gal Cohen, Head of Scientific and Regulatory Affairs for PAX Labs, addressed innovation in the vapor industry while maintaining product standards and operating within regulatory frameworks that may soon be imposed on the industry.

Kim Hesse, SFATA Board Secretary and Business Development Manager at Global Laboratory Services, closed the event with a presentation on setting standards for liquid testings. Hesse delved into the complicated factors that the vapor industry will need to tackle to create a standard for how e-liquid laboratory testing.

The sessions are each 45 to 60 minutes and are available at SFATA.org/Videos.


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