letter from the editor: Spring is a great time to be a vaper!


Now that it’s time to crawl out of winter, springtime is a time for new beginnings as a vaper, a company and VAPE Magazine! Take stock of your mod collection and do some spring cleaning, sell your extra mods on VAPE Magazine’s classified section by emailing classifieds@vapemz.com, or better yet, donate them to someone else less fortunate you know, or contact organizations like Vape-a-vet for resources to help your fellow vaper. Exercise your healthier lungs and get outside with your vape. Look in your home town for outdoor events and activities that are not only vape-friendly, but actually support the vaping lifestyle. Get out there and enjoy mother nature with a hike. Make sure you bring your good camera and take some #scenicvaper photos to submit to the magazine!

As a company, spring is the perfect time to step back and take stock of your business. Get your staff together for outdoor team building and brainstorming. Look for ideas from within your entire organization, from your part-time cashier to your top level executive, you never know who may already be inspired to suggest a fresh new marketing message, or find a new efficiency in your supply chain. Be sure to read VAPE Magazine for great tips and best practices from industry trusted experts such as Norm Bour and Maria Verven.

Vape on!

– Matt Schramel



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