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By Nick Green Photo by Metal Jeff

I have the FUhattan mod and I was wondering what mod is better. I’m kind of new to this whole thing, but I’m just not satisfied with the performance of this. Any suggestions?

Hey There! I’ve never liked the term “better” or “best”. It’s kind of like asking “Hey, I have a Toyota Prius… what’s better?” I guess that depends what you want. For some people, a Toyota Prius is the “Best” and for others, not so much. No matter, without having to get a whole new mod, there are some things you can do to get the most out of the setup you currently have.

First things first, take your mod apart and clean EVERYTHING! Mech mods need some TLC from time to time to keep things working at optimum levels. Clean and polish the contacts. Clean the tube and clean the 510 connection. The next thing you can do is get high quality batteries. Higher quality batteries will have a higher amp limit, which will allow you to build lower resistance coils safely and get maximum performance from your coils. There are LOADS of brands out there making sometimes misleading claims on their amp limit and mAh. Track down some Samsung 25r batteries. They

are a very tried and true battery in the vape world.

The last thing is to build some good coils in that atomizer. The Samsung 25r battery has a pulse amp limit of 35A and a continuous amp limit of 20A, which means if you build a nice 0.2ohm coil in there. You will be good to go. Building coils just takes practice. When it all comes together you should have a nice, warm, flavorful and, above all, safe vape.

– Grimm

You guys know your stuff. I’m new to cloud chasing and still new to all the juices, etc. I’m running a KBOX, an Aspire Atlantis Mega along with a Cherry Bomber and drip tip, but I’m hunting for a good juice to vape with something fruit. Any pointers? Please guys.

Hey Jon! I absolutely agree with you. A good juice to vape is what makes the vaping experience so enjoyable. Because taste is so subjective it’s really hard to recommend a brand or flavor of juice. Some people want a bakery type flavor, others like fruity stuff, others like minty menthol juices. The absolute best advice I can give you is to visit a vape shop, and try the juice lines that they sell. Vape shops generally have an area set up for trying out new flavors and seeing what you like to vape.

If you don’t have access to a vape shop for the actual tasting of juices, then check on YouTube or different forums for people who have tried the juices you are interested in. Eliquid.com is a great site for checking out juices. You can find some you might be interested in, then search Google and YouTube for reviews of those juices.

Hope that helps out!

– Grimm

Natalie Norris Miles Help! I am a newby. Long story short, I went from a vape pen to an Eleaf 30w and Kangertech subtank, which sucked, then to the Aspire Triton subohm tank. I have been told I need 18-22 mg nicotine e-juice, then told 3mg, then 6, now 12. I was just informed my istick 30w is not suitable for the triton. My local shop did not say a word about the Triton not being a good match for the 30w iStick, but another shop did and said it could overheat. I feel like everyone just wants to sell me new gear. I am getting pissed off and ready to abandon the whole idea. Help me understand. I am, or was, a pack-a-day smoker. I am running the 25w-30w coil on the Triton rated at 0.4 ohms

Hey Natalie! Don’t lose hope. There seems to be a bit of confusion these days between store employees on what exactly they are telling the customers. As far as the juices goes, you should vape whatever satisfies you. The reason people drop their nicotine level when using tanks like the Triton is that most people find the higher nicotine juices irritating to their throat. The Triton is a “Sub-OHM” tank. Meaning the resistance is generally very low and will need a higher wattage in order to reach peak performance. In your situation running a 0.4ohm coil in the Triton, on the iStick 30w is a perfectly fine vape. If it’s working for you, then keep using it! Pick a nicotine level that satisfies you, and you are good to go.

In the future a good thing to remember is that lower resistance (OHMS) coils will need more wattage, and higher resistance coils will need lower wattage.

Happy Vaping!

– Grimm



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