HB1645 On Table in Washington State

Photo by QuotesGram.com

Photo by QuotesGram.com

There is legislation on the table in Washington state, with House Bill 1645, which is sponsored by Reps. Gerry Pollet, (D-North Seattle, and Paul Harris, (R-Vancouver). 

According to The Olympian, “the bipartisan legislation would establish fees for licensing retailers that sell e-cigarette products and regulate Internet sales. It also would give local jurisdictions the authority to adopt their own set of electronic cigarette regulations that best fit their residents and communities.”

If the law passes, vape shops would have to secure product in displays, ones that are similar to tobacco products, for employee access only. E-cigarettes would also be regulated as tobacco products on school property and vehicles, and e-liquids would have to have child-resistant packaging and labeling with the level of nicotine on it.



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