Vapexpo Prague 2016 Announced for August

Screen Shot 2016-03-30 at 11.53.38 AMOn Aug. 12 and 13, Prague, Czech Republic will host Vapexpo Prague 2016, an international exhibition of electronic inhalers, liquids and vaping accessories. This event will bring together the vaping community and industry leaders.

The main objective of Vapexpo Prague is to support and develop the dynamically growing sphere of vaping business in Europe.

Vapexpo Prague 2016 guests and participants will be able to taste and buy new items and best sellers from the world’s leading manufacturers of vaping products. The venue will have a special lounge area for negotiation.

The Vapexpo participants will include:

– International and local manufacturers and distributors of electronic inhalers and liquids

– Owners of vaping shops, bars and online stores

– Marketers, consultants on business development and legal affairs in vaping

– Experienced and beginning vapers

Vape Expo Prague will host a conference on the most pressing issues in vaping business.

Key topics:

– Creation of a successful vaping business from scratch

– Marketing and digital tools for vaping business

– Analysis and prospects for global and regional markets

– Legislative regulation

– New possibilities for the sale of electronic inhalers in Europe

– Features of the Czech market

– Standardization and quality assessment

Guests of the exhibition will enjoy an entertainment program: cloud contest, tricks from the famous vapers, free

communication with experts and bloggers, free vaping area and music from DJs.



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