How to design a Vape Shop




The decision to open a new shop was not an easy one, and neither was the process. It takes a tremendous amount of time and effort to create a place that is both unique and functional.

Before creating Vapeworx I opened my first Vape Shop, named Xhale, in Ronkonkoma, New York, about two-and-a-half years ago with my then partner, Steve Smith. We opened our second store about a year later.

I learned a lot in my first few years as I cut my teeth in the vaping industry. Eventually, Steve and I decided we wanted to branch off and each do our own thing. He was planning to open his own shop, and, at first, I had no plans to open another.

My boss, Marc Piacenti, and his girlfriend were thinking about opening a new one and eventually asked me to come on board. We decided we would do something original and what we believed could be used as a multi use space for public or private events.

There are some truly great shops on Long Island that offer great service and competitive pricing – so, when it came time to design Vapeworx we had to create something different.

Something that hasn’t been done. Since I have the most experience in the design area I was tasked with giving Vapeworx it’s look and feel, but I didn’t want to copy the same vape shop format. I knew that in creating something so different there would be those in the vape community that would either love it or hate it.

That being said, I wanted Vapeworx to be for the vaping enthusiast that wanted something different, “an experience,” per se. We wanted a place where there is no pressure to buy, where a person can come in alone or with friends, hang out, play pool or just sit around at the bar with no pressure.

I went through many design changes and almost drove my partner crazy, but in the end, I think I got to do exactly what I wanted. The space took almost five months to complete. After signing the lease in April, It was two or three months before we touched the space because I kept changing the design.

With the store now open, customers can drop by seven days a week at 6300 Jericho Turnpike in Commack, New York. Hang out if you want. Buy some juice, or don’t. It’s all up to you.

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The new shop is approximately 1,750 square-feet and has no ceiling – just raw metal and exposed steel painted black. We tore out all the interior walls, the drop ceiling, the ducts, electrical wiring, and carpet.

The flooring was badly damaged with cracks throughout the shop. The floor was grinded and the defects filled and flattened, after which the multi-colored epoxy floor was poured. This process starting from a black base and adding red, orange and silvers took days. After the base coats were dry they covered the floor in three high gloss clearcoats.


Since vape shops are often filled with a thick cloudy fog, we installed 2- 96” ceiling fans and started all the electrical

The gears were fabricated out of sign foam and cnc’d at Highland mounted, then painted by Buster

The pre-opening tests of our light and sound systems – which are key to the new design

The millwork was all fabricated and installed by Highland Organization Corp. in Deer Park where I am the general manager and engineered all the design work

A good friend, Buster from Ink By Buster in Holbrook, New York, added some graffiti



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