Deadmau5 Sues Deadmodz For Copyright Infringement

His attorney Irene Lee sent a statement to The Hollywood Reporter saying they’re suing to protect the artist’s trademark and his fans.

“Our client faces unscrupulous people trying to take advantage goodwill associated with his intellectual property and his fame,” Lee writes. “We are grateful for our fans and believe it’s our obligation to make sure our fans are not duped into buying things that deadmau5 did not authorize.”

While a cease and desist order resulted in West Coast Vape removing the logo design from the website, deadmau5′s lawyers say that’s not good enough, claiming that “attempted changes do not negate that fact that you have violated and continue to violate our client’s rights, and thus are liable for, among other things, trademark and copyright infringement and attendant damages. In fact, your changes only highlight your acknowledgement and concession of wrongdoing, which admittedly is willful, knowing and intentional.”

To that, West Coast Vape did not respond, thus litigation is pending.

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