American Cancer Society Doesn’t Support E-Cig Switch, Article Shows

Michael Siegel

Michael Siegel

Michael Siegel is an American tobacco control expert and public health researcher. In his latest “The Rest of the Story” for Tobacco Analysis, he tackles the latest article in the Rutland Herald, in which the local chapter of the American Cancer Society is “concerned that kids might switch away from smoking and start using electronic cigarettes instead.” In fact, the organization is for the 92 percent tax on e-cigs that is being shopped through the Vermont legislature. They say that it will deter youth smokers from switching to vaping, which is “absurd,” according to Siegel.

The American Cancer Society said in the article that since minors are price sensitive, a higher tax would “help slow down the skyrocketing use of the unregulated, addictive products by Vermont kids. This tax at 92 percent of wholesale would create parity with cigarettes and other tobacco products, which will help eliminate the switching to e-cigarettes.”

Siegel’s The Rest of the Story states that the American Cancer Society is saying that they prefer minors to smoke than vape.

“When it comes to the use of cigarettes by kids, the ACS has made it known that it prefers that you use tobacco-full cigarettes rather than tobacco-free cigarettes,” Siegel said. “That’s quite unfortunate, especially since this is an organization that is supposed to be reducing cancer, not increasing it.”

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