What’s the Best Way to Quit Smoking?

Photo by vs3.amazonaws.com

Photo by vs3.amazonaws.com

Have you or are you using the e-cigarette to quit smoking? Jed Rose, a professor of psychiatry and behavioral sciences and director of the Duke Center for Smoking Cessation at Duke University, recent wrote in the Wall Street Journal about how vaping can be a great way to kick the analog smoking habit. In fact, Rose said that e-cigarettes are indeed effective-and safer.

Rose used his article to talk about the public health impacts of vaping and where we are at based on information and studies currently out.

He said that he is “recognizing that an exhaustive analysis of all of the potential long-term effects will require many years of study. And the information we have now shows that electronic cigarettes can safely help people quit smoking.”

Some points Rose makes for e-cigarettes include:

-The U.S. Surgeon General and other experts have linked the vast majority of smoking-related disease to the combustion products of smoke, not to the nicotine that is present both in tobacco and in electronic cigarettes. Therefore, switching to e-cigs that don’t burn is better for your health.

-Researchers from highly credible organizations, among them the U.K. Center for Tobacco and Alcohol Studies and the University of Geneva’s Institute of Social and Preventive Medicine, have concluded that e-cigarettes are helpful in reducing or eliminating tobacco use. And recently the British government’s drug regulatory authority approved an e-cigarette as a quit-smoking medicine.

-Every other form of nicotine replacement studied to date has been shown to help people stop smoking, including nicotine patches, gum, lozenges, nasal spray and inhalers. Further,

e-cigarettes can more effectively satisfy a smoker’s craving by delivering nicotine as rapidly as a cigarette, while also satisfying the habitual aspects of smoking.

-Available evidence also overwhelmingly supports the view that e-cigarettes are reasonably safe and-most important-far less risky than cigarettes.

-Because there are numerous carcinogens in cigarette smoke, the formaldehyde component of cigarette smoke has been estimated to raise smokers’ risk of cancer by less than 1 part in 1,000. Thus the overall cancer risk presented by formaldehyde in e-cigarette vapor is likely to be insignificant.

For the full story, visit http://www.wsj.com/articles/are-e-cigarettes-a-healthy-way-to-quit-smoking-1460340169.


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