Totally Wicked Vape Shop Opens Next to E-Cig Opposers’ Constituency Office

Totally-Wicked_2Today a new vape shop from Totally Wicked is opening at 393 Cowbridge Road East in the Canton area of Cardiff, right next to the constituency office of the Labour AM Mark Drakeford, who has been in opposition of e-cigarettes.

Owner Richard Gough told Wales Online that he has “no personal vendetta against the AM who failed in a bid to stop [e-cigarettes] from being used in certain public spaces.” Drakeford, who is the Health Minister, has asked that vaping is restricted in enclosed public spaces, and he said that vaping “re-normalizes smoking.” He sponsored this as part of the Public Health (Wales) bill, which was defeated in March.

The new Totally Wicked shop is due to a forced relocation in which the new landlord was to turn the old shop into a coffee shop. Gough told Wales Online that he didn’t want to lose his current customers, so relocated down the road. He said he would be happy to chat with Drakeford about the views of the vaping industry. Drakeford has said that he wishes his new neighbors well with their business.

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