V2 Completes Consumer Response to Regulations Study

v2-cigs-logo-bigE-cigarette retailer V2 polled 300 vapers in the United States between May 16 and 20. Convenience Store Decisions broke down some of the results of the study and the participants’ reactions to the FDA’s regulatory control over e-cigarette products.

  • Nearly half of vapers would turn back to combustible cigarettes if e-cigarettes were taken off the market.
  • 44 percent of those polled had never heard of the regulations

When asked when they first heard about the FDA’s proposed regulations:

  • 44 percent said that “this is the first I am hearing about this”
  • 30 percent said they had heard about the regulations some time since the FDA’s decision
  • 18 percent heard about the regulations on May 5, the day of the decision
  • Just 9 percent said that they had heard about the proposed regulations prior to the FDA’s ruling in May
  • 74 percent believe e-cigarettes should be regulated
  • Without e-cigs, 49 percent said they would go back to smoking

When the survey respondents were asked what they would do if electronic cigarettes and e-liquid became harder to buy or more expensive:

  • 36 percent said “nothing would change” and that “as long as they are available, I will buy them.”
  • 34 percent said that they would vape less.
  • Another 18 percent said they would “vape less and smoke combustible cigarettes more.”
  • 8 percent said they would switch back to smoking exclusively, if e-cigarettes and e-liquid became more expensive or more scarce.

When asked if regulations were to force e-cigarettes off the market entirely:

  • 49 percent said they would go back to combustible cigarettes.
  • 28 percent said they would stop consuming nicotine or tobacco products of any kind
  • 17 percent said they would use a smoking cessation method, such as the patch, mints or gum.

For the full story, visit http://www.cstoredecisions.com/2016/06/09/v2-reveals-consumer-response-federal-e-cig-regulation/#_.


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