Vaper Expo UK Announces ‘The Return’

unnamedAfter the success of The Vaper Expo UK in May exhibitors and visitors have asked organizers to do another event this year. They have listened to feedback and have decided on a second event: Vaper Expo UK-The Return-taking place at Birmingham’s NEC, National Exhibition Centre on Oct. 14-16.

Please find attached a copy of the information pack. You can also take a look at the floor plan showing available spaces at

The organizers sent this email to Agent VAPE regarding the Tobacco Products Directive in the U.K. and how it will effect the event:


As you are all aware the TPD is now upon us. So how does this effect the event and our exhibitors? Simply put, not much. As far as the event goes nothing within the TPD dictates that shows or events related to vaping will be banned or restricted. What does fall within the TPD is advertisements and sponsorship of an event. That’s any type of event, an e cigarette/vaping company can no longer ‘sponsor’ or financial support an event of any kind, you could not for example sponsor a football club or an outdoor music festival. Any advertising that can have cross border effects such as a radio advert, TV or internet advertising can be classed as having cross border effects as the advert itself may be seen, or heard in another EU member state other than the state it was originally destined for. One thing that is beyond the scope of the TPD is billboard advertising, this technically has no cross border effects and therefore is not covered by the TPD.

How does that effect the Vaper Expo? – We can no longer offer any form of sponsorship deals, or refer to them as sponsorship. However for brands who are still looking for the additional brand awareness and exposure that sponsorship provides you now have the choice of opting for either our ‘premium zone’ or ‘standard zone’ on the floor plan and all of the banners and adverts usually included within a sponsorship package are now available as ‘billboard adverts’, Temporary adverts that have no cross boarder effects. You can now technically create your own sponsorships and brand awareness by choosing your location on the floor plan and purchasing banner locations in and around the venue.

TPD and selling / sampling at the event

Many of our UK and European exhibitors already know the ins and outs of the TPD and what they need to do to comply. Many of our international exhibitors don’t. So how does the TPD effect the selling/sampling of products, do i need to be TPD compliant?, Can i only sell 10ml bottles? NO! We made sure that the second event of this year was before the TPD regulations are enforced on manufacturers. You have until 20th November to make your products compliant and retailers have until the20th May 2017 to sell any existing stock that is not compliant. This means you can still come and retail & wholesale your products, 30ml, 60ml or 120ml bottles are still allowed and retailers want to stock up as much as they can as after 20th November they will no longer be able to purchase them directly from the manufacturer, Thats if the TPD is not kicked out by then and we are working hard with a lot of different  advocacy groups to ensure it is. Until that time we have to adhere to the rules and regulations set out within the TPD, but we have made sure that the dates we chose will not effect any of our exhibitors and the need to comply is not necessary before the 20th November.


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