Just in Juices


Compiled by Chris Mellides


1 Strawberry Burst from Smiley E-Liquid

Experience the bold flavor of fresh sweet red strawberries picked at their peak and put in a bottle for a vaping experience you won’t soon forget. “Strawberry Burst” is available in a 50 VG/50 PG mix.


2 Melon Icey from Top Hat E-Liquids

Top Hat’s best seller, Melon Icey, is an amazing mentholated mix of cantaloupe and honeydew. It was created to resemble the famous Filipino dessert drink, “Melon Juice.” With the excellent mixture of the sweetness of both melons, iced with menthol, it’s perfected to be an all-day vape for menthol-loving vapers!


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3 Strawberry Munchies from Munchies E-Juice

“Strawberry Munchies” is a rich and doubly flavorful vape, reminiscent of a deliciously decadent cake-coated frozen strawberry shortcake dessert bar!


4 Blueberry Cheesecake from Mazervapes Premium E-juice

A delicious creamy cheesecake with fresh blueberries on the exhale. Mazervapes’ “Blueberry Cheesecake” is what you’d expect from an e-juice made with only the highest grade ingredients and organic blueberry flavoring. Whether you love dessert or lean more towards crisp fruit flavors, this blend combines both for a true all-day vape.


5 Precedent from Paper Street Vape Co.

A luscious lemon gelato with a perfect pairing of crumbled shortbread cookie make up the critical components of this outstanding e-juice.


6 Bane from Savage E-Liquid

One of three flavors from Savage E-Liquid’s new Advocacy Line, “Bane” is a lemon funfetti pound cake with strawberry icing that takes the standard pound cake flavor a few notches above the rest. The funfetti cake flavor is well pronounced, and the strawberry icing offers an incredibly smooth finish to round out the overall flavor.


7 Sunday Brunch from Voop Juice

A Bavarian cream stuffed French toast with a delicious blueberry sauce make up this 80 VG/20 PG dessert blend.


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8 Tortoise Blood from Shijin Vapor

Titillate your taste buds with an amazingly sweet and tart blue raspberry green apple sherbet!


9 Lemon Breezy from Abstrakt

An astonishingly accurate Italian lemon meringue pie. This profile boasts a dynamic complexity with every pull-utilizing low pressure and temperature extraction to achieve an ultra-crisp lemon and citrus blend perfectly balanced on the palate; while bright meringue, rich filling, and savory crust envelops the rest of your taste buds.


10 Ethos Crispy Treats from Ethos Vapors

Warm, sweet and gooey. An enticing blend of delectable, sweet marshmallows baked into an exquisite homemade desert! This 75 VG/25 PG e-liquid is everything you loved about a crispy treat packed into a bottle of pure savory perfection.


11 Rico from TURNT

This 70 VG/30 PG e-liquid is a bright key lime blend rounded out with the decadence of Bavarian cream.


12 Kettle from Popped E-Liquids

This 70 VG/30 PG e-liquid gives off a savory flavor akin to an old-fashioned kettle corn that’s been lightly coated to perfection with creamy caramel.


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13 Albino from SpiderMonkey Juice

Enjoy a special blend of creams and light custards with a spot on “yellow” banana flavor and just a pinch of sweet cinnamon that makes this juice the star of the show.



14 Lucky Bastard from Cafe Racer

“Lucky Bastard” by Cafe Racer takes everything you love about the company’s signature “Lucky 13” blend, but with double the smooth tobacco finish-creating a bolder, richer RY4 flavor served with a hint of toasted almonds. “Lucky Bastard” compliments any high ball and pairs well with your favorite craft beer, especially hoppy IPAs. Get ready for the best tobacco vape experience of its kind!



15 Sour Puss from SHE Vapor

Pucker up and vape a terrifically tart and oh so sweet e-liquid made with the highest VG ratio possible, without compromising flavor or vapor production. This piquant perfection truly shines with its sweet, slightly sour, juicy, and fruity flavors that will have your mouth watering for more! Just one inhale will take you back in time to those fun, tasty trips to the candy shop!



16 XXX from Lions Den Elixir

The quest for an all-day vape was realized with Lions Den Elixir’s “XXX” e-juice-the company’s first flavor offering and arguably its most popular. “XXX” is a mix of pomegranate, acai and juicy blueberries that round out a mouthwatering vaping experience that’s sure to tingle your taste buds!



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