Alfaliquid Launches in U.S. Vape Market on Bastille Day

unnamedGaïatrend, a company in the electronic cigarette industry and the leading manufacturer of e-liquids in Europe, announced last week the company’s expansion to the United States in a press release sent to Agent VAPE. Despite the FDA’s recent ruling on electronic cigarettes, Gaïatrend USA is launching the company’s leading brand, Alfaliquid, in the United States to grow the brand internationally and to continue its European legacy in the North American marketplace.

Currently commanding more than half of the e-liquid market in France, Alfaliquid’s early success in Europe is attributed to the brand’s extensive variety of unique, quality e-liquid flavors and the company’s commitment to health and safety regulations for each stage of production. Since 2010, Alfaliquid’s products have been developed by flavor artist Xavier Martzel, the son of Gaïatrend founder Didier Martzel and brother of Olivier Martzel, Gaïatrend’s head of production. Expertly trained as a “vapologist” and held to similar standards as top chefs or famous perfumers, Xavier creates elaborate and subtle mixtures that appeal to the most refined taste buds. And, unlike many e-liquids on the market, Alfaliquid’s products are certified Diacetyl, Acetyl, Propionyl, Acetoin, Formaldehyde, Acetaldehyde, or Acrolein-free. Alfaliquid’s products are developed using certified food grade flavors, while drawing from nature and plants.

“We are very excited to launch Alfaliquid in the United States,” Arnaud Dumas de Rauly, president of Gaïatrend USA, said in the statement. “Gaïatrend comes from a culture where vaping is accepted and hasn’t been vilified. Given our French roots, the FDA’s deeming regulations and the war on vaping in general, we found Bastille Day the perfect time to launch. Our mission is to educate, unify and encourage vapers to be vocal about overzealous regulations while offering a quality product that not only serves as a smarter alternative, but can be enjoyed by adult consumers across the globe.”

The company will initially launch nine flavors including: Tropical, Bartlett Apple, and Classic Leaf, the most popular e-liquid flavor in France, across Alfaliquid’s three e-liquid collections: Heritage, Harvest and Reserve. Alfaliquid will offer five nicotine concentrations for each flavor, including a zero nicotine option. Each Alfaliquid bottle will retail for $22.90. For more information about Alfaliquid, the company’s product offerings or its wholesale program, please visit




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