Scenic Vapors #Cloudcheck Promotes Vaping in Nature


By Chris Mellides

Photo by Ian Silver (@Yogi_Wan_Kenobi_Sov), 25, of Sedona, Arizona,

Tyler Price (@Dripping_Balls) is pictured vaping in the open air at Cathedral Rock in Sedona, Arizona.

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Hailing from West Virginia, photographer Tyler Price (@dripping_balls) has a passion for the outdoors. Whether focusing his camera lens on bustling cityscapes or tranquil forests, Price’s strong attention to detail and knack for photo composition is evident in his ever-growing portfolio.

When it comes to capturing nature shots, it seems that that’s when Price is at the top of his game. His body of work will often depict sprawling green forests and rocky terrain, the occasional waterfall, or a large riverbed with its shushing water coursing along the still landscape.

It wasn’t until about two years ago that he discovered another passion that quickly became a hobby: vaping. After years of smoking cigarettes, the seasoned photographer’s curiosity towards smoke-free alternatives seemed to get the best of him.

Starting with a basic e-cigarette and cartomizer, Price eventually graduated to mechanical mods and rebuildables thanks to the guidance he received from friends and online forums.

It wasn’t long before vaping became another focus for his photography, with the West Virginian taking Instagram by storm and posting portraits of vapers with picturesque backdrops, which seemingly serve as the fundamental foundation for this aspect of his work.

Photo by Phiton Nguyen, 29, of Washington DC, and California.

Eugene vaping atop a building admiring the wilderness bordering a Hong Kong suburb.

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In July 2014, Price found a kindred spirit in another photographer named Ian Silver (Yogi_Wan_Kenobi_Sov), who was also inspired by nature and incorporated much of the same elements into his own work.

Like Price, Silver became curious about vaping, and as a yoga practitioner and healthy lifestyle promoter, smoking cigarettes began to feel counterintuitive when striving for wellness and maintaining a healthy body and mind.

Roughly two years ago that all changed when Silver and his girlfriend Aimee, plunged into the vaping world after visiting a local shop and walking out of it with a SMOKTech Magneto and an IGO-W RDA from Youde Tech.

Since then the Sedona, Arizona resident found himself promoting and shooting videos for vape companies on the Internet; and working as a sales representative at Magic Mist, a local vape shop.

With a similar photography style, and a shared admiration for creative portraitures, Silver crossed paths with Price on Instagram, where the two were regularly uploading photography.

Their shared passions and mutual respect led them to create Scenic Vapers, and almost one year later the two continue their vision of offering viewers a different look at vaping while encouraging a more active lifestyle that begs them to explore nature and the great outdoors.

With Scenic Vapers, Price and Silver encourage other photographers, whether they be professional or amateur enthusiasts, to show their appreciation for nature and vaping in photos that they can submit for inclusion on the @scenicvapers Instagram account.

Work that excels expectations will have the possibility of being featured in a future print edition of VAPE Magazine.

To be a true scenic vaper, it is paramount to find the motivation to get out and explore all of the beautiful places around you while being active and enjoying life to its fullest.

Given the right push and putting forth the right amount of effort, we can all be scenic vapers.

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Photo by TJ White (@RenegadeRevival), 26, of Redding, California.

Austin Mote is pictured here vaping Gummy Glu by Lost Art Liquids (@LostArtLiquids) halfway up El Capitan at Yosemite National Park.


Photo by Rudy Puente, 29, of Chicago.

Kari (@dollfacevape) takes a moment to vape outside during a Chicago snowstorm.


Photo by Allen Nguyen, 24, of Houston, Texas.

A self portrait of Nguyen enjoying a vape at the place where he goes to escape the world.

To submit your photo to Scenic Vapers #CloudCheck for VAPE submission consideration, follow @VapeMagazine @ScenicVapers @Drippin_Balls and @Yogi_Wan_Kenobi_Sov and #VapeMagazine #CloudCheck and #ScenicVapers on Instagram.

For the VAPE pictorial column, photos must be in high resolution, but for the IG page everyone has the chance for a feature.


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